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It is always good to get feedback. We asked some of our apprentices how they have found the apprenticeship programmes.

The course has really made me consider what it means to be a manager/leader. The training days have been well organised and the speakers (both internal and external) have been very knowledgeable. Sarah, Jenny and the team have been very supportive and patient and always encourage me to strive for excellence. They have been great mentors.

I would recommend the course; it has made me consider my management style, boosted my confidence as a manager, and bought a lot of opportunities my way. 

Paul Hardman, Team Management, Level 3

I’ve loved my apprenticeship so far, the Red Brick team were so welcoming and helpful, just like Absolute works – the support I have had off Sarah Moss is amazing! I’ve really enjoyed learning the role but also getting a qualification. The hardest thing has been keeping on top of the assessments, but Sarah has really helped me with this.

Mia Adams, Business Administration, Level 3

The Management Course I am doing is developing me inline with the job that I already do at Tricker’s. Everyone at Absolute Works have been absolutely wonderful especially Charlotte and Sarah who have been a massive help in guiding me through everything I need to know.

Scott McKee, Operational and Departmental Management, Level 5

The apprenticeship has enabled me to grow and develop in my current role. It has been testing at times, but it made me think twice about scenarios I may have overlooked before. My assessor has been very supportive. If I was ever unsure of anything, she would take the time to ensure I had a clear understanding. The skills I’ve learnt really add real value to how I perform in my role so I am thankful for the opportunity. 

Zoe Langford, Team Management, Level 3

Learning about all the different aspects of management has helped to strengthen me as a leader in my role at Tiger.

I have enjoyed working with the very professional trainers as they make sessions fun and interactive.

The training has helped me re-evaluate why I do some of the things I do in a retail environment and encouraged me to continue improving and adapting to fit with the ever-evolving world of retail management.

Rav Barham, Operational and Departmental Management, Level 5

I have achieved a better understanding of myself as a manager and a leader. It’s encouraged me to search for things that I could improve in my behavior, skills and communication. I have also developed other skills that will add value to the business.

It is a great opportunity to develop and improve yourself.

The best thing about the course is the training sessions with Chris Cooper and Steve Harris and the support from Sarah Moss. They leave us feeling motivated to complete the course and expand my skills.

Monika Mukherjee, Operational and Departmental Management, Level 5

I have achieved a better understanding of Business and Management. This has allowed me to see things in a different way. Not just in work but on a personal level too.

This is a course I would recommend to anyone looking to improve their Management Skillset.

The best things about the course has been the interaction with others from different forms of Management that has allowed me to take what I have learned and adapt them for myself.

Leigh Robert Waters, Operational and Departmental Management, Level 5

The course has helped me to reflect and learn a lot about how and why we do the things we do.

Sarah Moss is a massive and very positive support for us all. Sarah’s guidance and knowledge has helped us all.

It is an enjoyable experience and I am looking forward to achieving a qualification. I am learning a lot and experimenting with the different techniques and theories to improve things when I am back in store.

Hardip Sihra, Operational and Departmental Management, Level 5

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