Underpinning the expertise required in any business.

Business administrators have a highly transferable set of knowledge, skills and behaviours that can be applied in all sectors. This includes small and large businesses alike; from the public sector, private sector and charitable sector. The role may involve working independently or as part of a team and will involve developing, implementing, maintaining and improving administrative services.

This qualification has been designed to meet both employer and individual demand for learners to meet the knowledge and competences outlined in the Business Administrator Apprenticeship standard. These include:

  • understanding the organisation and stakeholders
  • understanding administrative legislation, regulations and internal policies
  • understanding how to apply and administer business fundamentals and processes
  • using business computer applications to carry out business administrative activities
  • producing records, reports and documents to carry out business administrative activities
  • making decisions to improve business administrative performance
  • using interpersonal skills to effectively carry out business administrative activities
  • using effective communication to carry out business administrative activities
  • carrying out and identifying improvements to business administrative activities
  • planning, organising and carrying out business administrative activities
  • project management

The business administrator is expected to deliver their responsibilities efficiently and with integrity – showing a positive attitude. The role involves demonstrating strong communication skills (both written and verbal) and adopting a proactive approach to developing skills. The business administrator is also expected to show initiative, managing priorities and own time, problem- solving skills, decision-making and the potential for people management responsibilities through mentoring or coaching others.

The primary target group for this qualification would be all Apprentices who are enrolled on a Business Administrator standard. As a ‘stand-alone’ qualification, however, it would also appeal to learners in any sector that involved administrative responsibilities, such as, but not limited to:

  • administration officer/executive
  • administration team leader/office supervisor
  • personal assistant

and people looking for CPD for recognition, re-skilling or to advance their career..

On completion of this qualification you could progress onto the following Skillsfirst qualifications:

  • Level 3 Diploma in Customer Service (RQF)
  • Level 3 Diploma in Team Management (RQF)
  • Level 5 Diploma in Operational and Departmental Management (RQF)

or similar higher-level qualifications.

If you feel that this qualification does not suit your current job role then you could look at the Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration (RQF) which is for administrative staff not in a supervisory position.

Qualification Level: 3
Who is it for?
Anyone who is involved in any administration focused role in any industry. It aims to develop learners’ highly transferable set of knowledge, understanding and skills across a range of administrative practices and tasks, which can be applied to all industries.
The Apprenticeship for the Business Administrator qualification is for individuals working within a business administration environment. The role of a business administrator is to deliver high quality products and services to the customers of their organisation.
Entry requirements: Employed status and experience in role.



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